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Welcome to LaSirena Network rules page!
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Discrord Server Rules

  1. Be Respectful: Treat others with kindness and respect. Harassment, discrimination, or offensive language is not allowed.
  2. No Spamming: Avoid excessive messaging, emojis, or repeated messages. Keep discussions meaningful and on-topic.
  3. No NSFW Content: Keep all content and discussions within the server appropriate for all ages. This includes text, images, links, and any other media.
  4. Use Appropriate Channels: Post content in the relevant channels. Off-topic discussions should be kept to designated areas.
  5. No Advertising Without Permission: Do not promote other Discord servers, products, or services without approval from server administrators.
  6. Respect Privacy: Do not share personal information about yourself or others without consent.
  7. Follow Discord's Terms of Service: Abide by Discord's community guidelines and terms of service at all times.
  8. Listen to Moderators: Follow instructions from server moderators and administrators. They are here to ensure a positive environment.
  9. No Trolling or Flaming: Avoid intentionally provoking or harassing others. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but be respectful.
  10. Report Issues: If you encounter problems or rule violations, report them to the server moderators or administrators promptly.

Breaking these rules may result in warnings, temporary mutes, or removal from the server depending on the severity and frequency of the offense. Enjoy your time in the Discord community!

General Conduct

  1. Respect All Players:
    • Harassment, bullying, and offensive language are not tolerated.
    • Treat all players with respect, both in chat and in-game interactions.
  2. No Hacking or Cheating:
    • Use of hacks, cheats, or mods that provide an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.
    • Any form of exploiting game bugs or glitches is forbidden.
  3. No Spamming or Advertising:
    • Avoid excessive messaging, caps lock, or repetitive content in chat.
    • Do not advertise other servers, websites, or products without permission.
  4. No Griefing:
    • Destruction of other players' builds outside of faction warfare is prohibited.
    • Respect non-faction-related builds and community projects.

Faction Rules

  1. Faction Creation and Naming:
    • Faction names and descriptions must be appropriate and non-offensive.
    • Do not impersonate other factions or players.
  2. Base Raiding:
    • Raiding other factions is allowed, but only through legitimate means.
    • No use of exploits or cheats to gain access to faction bases.
    • TNT cannons and other siege methods are allowed, but excessive destruction of the landscape is discouraged.
  3. Territory Claims:
    • Follow server-specific guidelines on the amount of land that can be claimed.
    • Do not claim land with the sole intent to grief or block other players' progress.
    • Respect the cooldown period between claiming and unclaiming land.
  4. Alliances and Betrayal:
    • Alliances between factions are permitted, but honor agreements made.
    • Betrayal is allowed, but understand that it can affect your reputation and future alliances.

Economy and Trading

  1. Fair Trading:
    • Scamming in trades is prohibited. Use the designated trading systems or middlemen if available.
    • Ensure trades are clear and agreed upon by both parties.
  2. No Duplication:
    • Duplication of items, currency, or resources through any means is forbidden.
    • Report any duplication bugs to server staff immediately.

Building and Environment

  1. No Offensive Builds:
    • Builds that are offensive, obscene, or violate community standards are not allowed.
    • Respect the server's aesthetic and thematic guidelines if any.
  2. Resource Gathering:
    • Follow server guidelines on automated farms, mob grinders, and redstone contraptions to prevent lag.
    • Do not excessively strip-mine or deforest areas near spawn or community builds.

Event Participation

  1. Follow Event Rules:
    • Adhere to specific rules set for server events or competitions.
    • Respect event organizers and other participants.
  2. No Sabotage:
    • Sabotaging server-organized events or competitions is prohibited.
    • Play fairly and respect the event's integrity.

Interaction with Staff

  1. Respect Server Staff:
    • Follow the instructions of server moderators and administrators.
    • Do not argue with staff decisions publicly; use designated channels for appeals or complaints.
  2. Report Issues:
    • Report any rule violations, bugs, or other issues to server staff promptly.
    • Help maintain a positive and fair server environment.

Additional Rules

  1. Alt Accounts:
    • Limit the use of alternate accounts as per server guidelines.
    • Do not use alt accounts to bypass bans or exploit game mechanics.
  2. Chat and Communication:
    • Use appropriate channels for specific types of communication (e.g., faction chat for faction-related discussions).
    • Maintain a friendly and cooperative tone in global chat.

Failure to follow these rules may result in warnings, temporary bans, or permanent bans depending on the severity of the infraction. The server staff reserves the right to modify these rules as needed to ensure a positive and balanced gameplay experience.

Jail Time

1st Offence: 10-30 Minutes of Jail Time

2nd Offense: 1-8 Hours of Jail TimeĀ 

3rd Offense: 24+ Hours of Jail Time